Parweld XTM 201DI Multi-Process Digital Inverter


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Voltage MIG 14.5-24V, TIG 10.4-18V, MMA 20.4-28V
Duty Cycle 200A @ 25%
Input Current (Max) 32A/16A
Fuse Rating 32A/16A
Machine Type Inverter
KVA 3.7
Style Compact
Feed Box 2R
Maximum Current 140A/200A
Input Voltage 230V 1P
Spool Size 100mm and 200mm
Wire Feed Speed 3.5-10m/min
Wire Size 0.6 – 1.0mm
Enclosure Protection IP23S
Dimensions (mm) 490 x 220 x 430
Weight (kg) 17.5
Key Features • 110V/230V Single Phase
• 200A @ 25% Duty Cycle
• Compact and portable
• Dual digital display
• Accepts 5kg (200mm) spools
• 2T/4T trigger latching
• 3 years return to base warranty
• Manufactured to IP23S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 and RoHS Compliant
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Introducing the new XTM 201 Di MIG, DC TIG or MMA, this machine does it all. Ideal for welding a range of materials, the XTM 201Di allows the welding of steels, stainless steels and aluminium using MIG, DC TIG or MMA processes.

The multi-language digital user interface rapidly gets you to the correct machine setting with minimal process knowledge, on site or in the workshop.

The helpful display guides the user through machine set up, from how to connect the machine for the chosen process, right through to the correct settings for the particular material thickness. The machine package includes a remote control MIG torch which allows MIG parameter adjustment directly from the torch.

Digital Interface
You can set up the XTM 201 Di with minimal effort – simply select your process, gas, material thickness and wire size and the machine automatically sets to the correct parameters for your job. You can then make adjustments using the control knobs on the front.
Image on screen shows how the machine should be set up correctly for the process selected.
Help section provides easy reference guide for replacement machine parts and torch consumables.

Multi-Process Welding
Suitable for Mig, Tig and MMA

Generator Friendly
The XTM 201 Di is able to cope with inputs which fluctuate by +/-15% and can be used with the majority of generators.
The machine is housed in a metal case with integrated carry handle.

Dual voltage multi-process mig welder with digital interface, ideal for maintenance and multi process applications

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